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How do I upload documents to create a new serve request?
How do I upload documents to create a new serve request?

New Job Creation

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To start a new serve request, select the blue "Create New Job" button and upload the serve documents. Next to the uploaded documents, there is a blank text field where you will “name” the documents. Please note that how the documents are named in this field is how they will be reflected on the Affidavit of Service.

Next, you will select the payment method to be used, input an Invoice Reference # (for your internal reference), select the State where the documents originated under Case Caption Information, and add any Special Requirements for the Server.

On the next page, you will add the servees’ address(es) and any physical description you may have of the servee. On this page you can also add any Additional Information that may be pertinent to the serve, and select the desired serve speed.

Finally, you have the opportunity to review the job information before clicking “Submit Job” to upload your job to the Proof platform.

Your job request will then be instantly sent (via push notification) to the servers closest to the servees’ addresses.

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