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Tell me about the Proof Platform
Tell me about the Proof Platform

Proof Process - How to upload a job.

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Proof is an online platform that allows you to upload your .pdf documents and create a serve in real time.

To start a new service request, select the yellow "Get Started" button on the Proof homepage and create an account. As soon as you enter your initial information, you may begin uploading your service documents.

If you have a question about job creation, watch this video. It will walk you through it step by step.

Your job request will then be instantly sent (via push notification) to the servers closest to the servees’ addresses. Most serves on the Proof platform are claimed by servers within 30 minutes.

The server that accepts each of your jobs will pick up the serve documents at the closest FedEx store to their location. Just so you know, you will receive email notifications as attempts and chat conversations occur. Through the Proof platform, you can see pictures and read the description of each attempt, view the verified mapping coordinates for each attempt location, and communicate directly with your server and the Territory Manager for the serve area via our Live Chat feature.

Upon completion of the serve, you will receive your Affidavit of Service electronically on the Proof platform, where it can be downloaded and printed out.

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