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How do I add new users to my law firm?
How do I add new users to my law firm?

Adding Users

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Adding users to the Proof platform is a simple 3 click process.

When you are logged into the Proof platform and looking at your jobs dashboard, click on the Law Firm option in the dark blue ribbon to the left of the screen.

After you select Firm Settings, you will be taken to the Settings page. On the Settings page, you can see all users assigned to the firm, create special requirements that you expect to be fulfilled on every job, and set all of the settings for your firm.

To Add a User, select the yellow button to the far right on your screen. A box will pop up with the required fields to complete in order to add the new user.

Pro Tip--Don't forget to indicate if the user you are creating should be an Administrator for your firm. If they are an Administrator, they can see every job for your firm on the platform, not just the ones they created.

The new user will receive a “Welcome” email from Proof asking them to click a link to verify their account. The new user must verify their email address. When the verification is complete, the new user can create a password, log in, and begin using the Proof platform.

Good Luck and let us know if we can help!

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