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How do I add new users to my law firm?
How do I add new users to my law firm?

Adding Users

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Once you have created an account for your law firm, adding users should be done while you are logged into the Proof platform.

Please, do not try to add new/additional users for your law firm through the signup process on the website! Instead, go to and select “Login” from the upper menu and enter the email address that you used to sign up with and the password you created in the sign up process.

Once logged in, you can add new users at your law firm by selecting “Settings" from the left side menu and then the “Users” tab. Next, select “Add User” (blue box) and fill out the form that pops up.

The new user will receive a “Welcome” email from Proof that will ask them to click a link to verify their account. Once that is complete, they can create a password, login, and begin using the Proof platform.

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